Heaven can, no longer, wait

Right, now I have 2 days off, it’s time to make some progress. Yesterday I started the installation of the headliner. So far, this instruction helped: http://www.vwtrendsweb.com/tech/0409vwt_headliner_install/index.html The B-pillars are ready and the liner is glued to the back and front.
And BTW for the ‘strange’ title: The top of the in-site of a car is called ‘Himmel’ in german or ‘hemel’ in dutch. ( Seeing what difficult job this is, ‘hell’ would be more correct.

Frontend and noise control

As almost lastpart of the electrical work the wiper unit and the screen washer is back in the car. All hoses are new, the washer jet’s are new and the wiper unit had a thorough cleaning and greasing job in the summer. Just forgotten to buy a couple of new rubbers for the wiper axles in Budel. Well, next time I go to Andre…

Also the undercarpet I use for noise reduction is now in place and everything is ready for the installation of the head lining.


Today I finished the electrics. Everything works again and the engine turns nicely over.
Next step now is the sound deafening under the lining and carpetry in the rear. I’m using standard foam based undercarpet for this job. When all parts are cut, I put spmer more pictures on the site.


Today I cleaned the main loom and wrapped the new wires from the engine bay in protective tube. Pulling it all together to the front was easy.
Then came the tedious job of connecting the rear wires to the fuse box and steering column switches. As sketches and foto’s are for cowards I took the hard way and re-connected the stuff according to my workplace book.
Last thing i did was cleaning the front loom. Next time is finishing the wiring.

Rear is finished

The engine is in place!
After shortening the 4 bolts from the rear transmisson mounting the engine slipped in without stuggle in place.
Before I pulled 5 extra cable to the front: 1 oil temp., 1 oil pressure, 1 speedo, 1 reasr mistlamp and one spare. The rear loom to the tail lights and engine was already in place. Then the sound deafening material was mounted.
Engine in place, wires connected: the rear is finished.

Engine struggeling

Today I tried to insert the engine. Done this a couple of times, so this shouldn’t be a big issue. Just a quick job in the moring and then of to the Budel meeting.
Unfortunatly the Fly get blocked …, by the screws of the trant mounting. After the service of the tranny I fitted also new rubbers.
Well, these screw are definitly to long. So I have to shorten them or mount the old silent blocks again.

Engine bay completed

Sorted out the electricity, cleaned the ground connectors and inserted the protection rubber for the rearlight cables.
The fitted the sound deafning stuff which fitted nicely. The engine bay is now ready for the engine.
Jacking up the car high enough with my new garage jack was easy, as was pushing the engine under the car. Next time it’s lifting and fitting the engine.